Our activities


In a cooperation with the ‘Further Professional School for Restaurant Services and Tourism’ pupils in the graduating classes wishing to move forward into self-employment as chefs, confectioners or hotel servicemen, were able to attend our start up seminars. The expanding tourist market has opened up many opportunities for people seeking self-employment. Their chance to start up business successfully is above average within this sector.


Since 2014 the ‘Lviv Professional Lyceum for Commerce and Service’ has also been taking  part in the seminar programme. The Lyceum also trains students for the retail and banking sector as well as the crafts industries, on top of its selection of gastronomic professions.

With the help of our seminar programmes already more than 90 students willing to break into entrepreneurship have been guided and prepared along their way.

The “Further Professional School for Service Industries” as well as the “Education Centre for Art and Design” have been  a cooperating partner since 2017 in the field of colleges of further education.Trainers who work for the foundations lead students of the final classes to thinking of becoming entrepreneurs themselves. They give their students a lot of motivation and help on their way to their future professional life.


We have already concluded a contract for further vocational training, which will take place in the fall of 2017.

In October these seminars of the HRST will also be organized at the “Higher vocational Academy for Economy and Tourism” in Lviv.


Lviv has a vibrant tourist market due to its numerable historic buildings and features within the city. Especially the craftsman trade of painter and plasterer seems suited to Lviv. Trainees in the Ukraine exclusively go to a state professional school, unlike Germany where apprentices work within both, companies and professional schools.

From 2007 to 2011 the Horst Rogusch Foundation, in cooperation with the Eberhard-Schoeck Foundation (www.eberhard-schoeck-stiftung.de), supported the ‘Further Professional Art Lyceum Lviv’. Firstly this meant financial support, helping the school to employ german teachers, but there were also free donations of high quality painting tools to the school.

At the end of the training there was a tailor-made seminar held for pupils of the graduating classes with the intention to start working self-employed.